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Autumnbreed were children, taken from human villages and raised by the Sidhe. None of them decided to come back after they grew up. Or at least, so do Sidhe say..

A unit is a group of soldiers of the same type, who make up the armies of King Arthur and his foes. When recruiting units, there is an upfront recruitment cost in both gold and food. Once the units are in the army, they require a seasonal upkeep cost. In general the recruitment cost is mostly gold whereas the upkeep is mostly food.

Units get experience from battle, and like Knights can level up in wintertime if they've reached the XP threshold. When they level up, one of five stats can be updated:

  • Melee - increases attack damage.
  • Defense - increases hit points, defense and ranged defense.
  • Archery - increases ranged attack damage.
  • Stamina - increases stamina by 10%.
  • Devotion - reduces upkeep cost by 5%.

As they level up, they receive a special ability at 5th and 10th level. A unit is wiped out when you lose the last man standing - otherwise, you can visit the nearest settlement and refill a weakened unit, keeping all the levels and special abilities at the cost of gold, food and time. Note that a knight doesn't have to be present to refill units; the only requirement is for the unit to be inside a settlement you own.

Military branches Edit

The primary division of units is by branch. How units interact with each other or with your heroes is primarily based on their branch. The following branches exist:

  • Light Infantry
  • Heavy Infantry
  • Spears
  • Archers
  • Cavalry
  • Knights

Spearmen/pikemen/heavy pikemen are most effective against cavalry

Cavalry are very effective against archers

light infantry are great for fighting in forests and as interceptors (against enemy melee who are attacking your archers)

Heavy infantry are good against light infantry and spearmen

Archers are good against everyone, but are incredibly weak when they are engaged in melee.

Categories Edit

Units can be also divided into three categories: Basic, Cultural, and Aligned. Basic units are available for recruitment in all provinces, either from the start or once their required tech has been researched; Cultural units are only available in provinces of their respective culture; Aligned units are only available when your realm has reached the proper alignment threshold.

Basic Units Edit

Name Branch Promotes From Available Specials On Promotion
Footmen Light Infantry From Start
Axemen Light Infantry Footmen Research
Swordsmen Light Infantry Axemen Research
Heavy Footmen Heavy Infantry From Start
Breakshields Heavy Infantry Heavy Footmen Research
Breakshields Elite Heavy Infantry Breakshields Research
Spearmen Spears From Start Armor Piercing; Spearwall
Pikemen Spears Spearmen Research
Heavy Pikemen Spears Pikemen Research
Bowmen Archers From Start
Longbowmen Archers Bowmen Research
Master Longbowmen Archers Longbowmen Research
Light Cavalry Cavalry Research Trample
Cavalry Cavalry Light Cavalry Research Trample
Cavalry Elite Cavalry Cavalry Research Trample
Tourney Knights Knights Research Trample
Champions Knights Tourney Knights Research Trample
Camalot Knights Knights Champions Research
Longaxes Light Infantry Research
Crossbowmen Archers Research
Deepwood Archers Archers Research

Cultural Units Edit

Name Culture Branch Specials
Briton Archers Briton Archers
Briton Cavalry Briton Cavalry
Welsh Archers Welsh Archers
Welsh Infantry Welsh Light Infantry
Huscarls Saxon Spears
Saxon Riders Saxon Cavalry

Aligned Units Edit

Name Alignment Branch Specials
Yeomen Rightful Spears Armor Piercing;
Golden Gryphons Rightful Heavy Infantry
Sentinels Rightful Light Infantry Experienced Retainers
Marksmen Rightful Archers
Crusaders Christian Light Infantry
Royal Guards Christian Spears
Sangreal Knights Christian Knights
Lionhearts Christian Heavy Infantry
Marauders Tyrant Cavalry
Wasteland Warriors Tyrant Light Infantry
Harvesters Tyrant
Raven Guard Tyrant Heavy Infantry
Winterbreed Unseelie Heavy Infantry
Unseelie Archers Unseelie Archers
Unseelie Warriors Unseelie Heavy Infantry
Autumnbreed Unseelie Light Infantry
Springborn Seelie Light Infantry
Summerborn Seelie Heavy Infantry
Seelie Archers Seelie Archers
Seelie Warriors Seelie Heavy Infantry

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