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The original campaign can be overwhelming if the player is not aware of the various triggers.

  • Completing "Excalibur" allows you to recruit units from Settlements and collect taxes. Finish this quest as early as you can.
  • Once you conquer a Stronghold (most likely Logres due to it have more neighbouring provinces and being weaker than Powys), Powys WILL declare war and new players can be overwhelmed if they are not prepared to face relatively high level Knights and units. The trick to handling this is to delay the establishment of Camelot, while you level your Knights at the Manor at Dunster in Dumnonia, and your units at the Field of the Just in Dorset (Once you are comfortable, occupy West Mercia for a second Field of the Just). However, remember that units have a level cap of 10. After conquering Powys, there is a second Manor at Avon Castle in Gloucester.
  • While Wessex can potentially join you peacefully, you may not have the gold required during the diplomatic quest. A surer way is to pit Logres and Wessex against each other during "Seeds of War", and gather strength until you are confident of eliminating Wessex.
  • Glastonbury in Dumnonia and Canterbury in Kent (initially held by Wessex) contribute research points; station Knights on them once you have established Camelot.
  • After completing the first quest of "The Vision", if you are lost, head over to the Eglades settlement in Bedegraine forest.
  • Once you have chosen either the Saxons or the Welsh as allies, the other side WILL declare war.