Sir Kay is the foster brother of King Arthur and the first Knight in Arthur's service. Sir Kay does not begin as a tyranical or rightful knight nor is he a follower of the Old Faith/Christianity but will become whatever you decide he should be via quests. Sir Kay was present at the moment Arthur pulled Excalibur from the stone and experienced a life changing moment which allowed him to use magic and take the role of Arthur's first Knight

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Sir Kay is mostly a blank-slate knight, whom you can develop as you see fit. You should certainly make him your primary landholder in the beginning of the campaign, thanks to his fantastic Stern trait. Using him for combat, it is highly recommended to either train up Cloud of Arrows & attach him to an archer unit for devastating volleys, or Masterful Tactics + Wall of Steel/Wedge of Steel & attach him to an infantry unit which will be in the thick of melee. In either case, at least one level of Masterful Strategies is immensely helpful in reducing casualties. Healing, Logistics, & Victorious Army all round him out once his primary skills are mastered.

Alternately, his traits and starting skills make for an excellent ruler, and if you like you can make him a non-combatant, focusing on Reign in abilities & maxing out Liege in skills for an impressive +40% to income in your three best provinces, and he can then be parked on a manor for XP or a monastery for research points for the rese of the campaign. This route is more doable for a Rightful Christian campaign, as those paths lead to more knights early on.