Sir Gareth is the third recruitable Knight and is recruited after encountering him in the "Wounded Knight" quest. Sir Gareth is a sage and was on a quest to find the Lady of the Lake before he was wounded in a battle. Sir Gareth managed to make it to Dumnonia where the player has to choose whether to seek aid from the Christian church or from a Druid. Seeking out the druid will add to your chosen Knight's Old Faith belief; seeking out the monks adds to your Christian Faith.

You can recruit Sir Gareth forcibly if you're a Tyrant, or for 1000 Gold if you're a Rightful ruler.

Class/Level: Sage 4


  • Proud Britons (owned provinces with Briton culture +3 Loyalty)
  • Braveheart (Hero battle XP +20%)
  • Corrupted (owned provinces -50% trading income)

Ability Scores:

  • Leadership: 1
  • Reign: 3
  • Adventuring: 2
  • Fight: 1
  • Magic: 7

Alignment: Rightful 0, Christian 0

Skills, initial:

  • Dragon Eye 1
  • Curse of Shadows 1
  • Dragon's Breath 1

Skills, learnable:

  • Arcane Swiftness
  • Enfeeblement
  • Healing
  • Ordeal of Fire
  • Hold
  • Reveal Life

Artifacts: Cold Iron Sword (Cooldown -15%)

Usage & Strategy: Edit

Sir Gareth is a classic Sage: strong nukes but rubbish in melee. It is recommended to attach him to light cavalry to maximise his mobility & thus ability to nuke troublesome units. He starts with two spells which are strong outright: Breath of Shadows is the game's premier archer-killing spell (very important in King Arthur) and at level 3 can destroy most enemy archer units unless shielded from magic; Dragon's Breath is the best way to weaken heavy units which will take valuable time to wear down by conventional means. Dragon Eye is highly valuable in combination with archers & weather magic: use Fog of Avalon to cripple the range on all archers, then Dragon Eye to remove the penalty to yours. Combine with Cloud of Arrows and the combination can use your archers to remove the enemies quite easily if done right.