Sir Balan, the good and Rightful Knight is a Recruitable Knight in the story and one of two related Knights, the other being Sir Balin, his evil brother. The Quest to recruit Sir Balan requires you to kill his brother Sir Balin who has become Evil due to a curse placed on a sword he found on his journeys.

Skills, initial:

  • Cleave 3
  • Protection from Magic 1
  • Armour of Faith 1

Skills, learnable:

  • Cloud of Arrows
  • Healing
  • Regeneration
  • Smashing Force
  • Sound of Courage

Artifacts: Giant's Axe (Fight +2); "Cursed Sword" (For Cleansing Faith/Breaking the Curse quest)

Usage & Strategy: Edit

Sir Balan is a classic cleave-happy Champion. Starting 3 deep in the skill, you're locked into going that route, so best to make the most of it by improving Sir Balan and his unit with Mighty Blow, Swift Attack, and Rage. Armour of Faith and Enchanted Equipment can also help out with more passive buffs. His first stat point should definitely go into Magic so he has enough mana for two consecutive Cleaves, after that dividing between Magic and Fight. His adventuring is already good and he will rarely be the army leader, so it's of lesser importance. Protection from Magic becomes useful later on, and the buff spells unlocked by Rage are excellent, but in general every spell casted is one less Cleave available.

While his Golden Gryphons are an excellent unit, consider attaching him to a knight unit instead, to reach the melee where he belongs even sooner.

His Glorious Leader trait is very important: since the game doesn't seem to penalise for switching around fiefdoms or impose any kind of cooldown, any province which you plan to recruit from should be switched to him temporarily; effectively this trait is a 20% discount on all recruitment for the rest of the campaign!