Seasons are the unit of time used in the game. Each season is considered one turn in-game. They are significant in the following ways:

  • Every season, income from Mining (Gold only) and Trade (both Gold and Food) is added to the treasury and granary, while Research Points (RPs) go towards Upgrades. RPs are primarily generated by Strongholds (especially the first one) and Abbeys with heroes stationed in them.
  • All units have a seasonal upkeep.
  • New (random) quests appear only during Spring.
  • Summer offers more movement points for armies, and armies cannot move at all in Winter.
  • Income from Taxes are only available during Winter, as are the Chancellery and Upgrades buttons. You can also only initiate construction at Strongholds, and allocate skill points for Knights and units during Winter.
  • Knights gain experience if they end the season in Manors, while units gain experience if they end the season in Fields of the Just.
  • With sufficient points in Christian morality, armies gain +10% morale every WInter with "Warm Quarters".
  • In "The Saxons" and "The Druids" DLCs, the Guild of Outlaws will report their progress in various actions during Spring.