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Quest Rewards (Original Campaign)Edit

This is a list of quest rewards that you can obtain during your Campaign. Note that all Knights can gain experience by spending seasons at Manors.

Book of BeginningsEdit

Help King Mark or Help Sir IdresEdit

  1. Help King Mark: Rightful +1, King Mark and his retinue joins
  2. Help Sir Idres: Tyrant +1, Sword of Ancients, 2000 Gold


The Wounded KnightEdit

  1. Negotiate with the Abbot
    1. Offer 2000 Food: Christian +1, EXP +100, -2000 Food, Sir Gareth joins
    2. Offer 1000 Gold: Christian +1, EXP +100, -1000 Gold, Sir Gareth joins
    3. Threaten Abbot: EXP +100, Sir Gareth joins
  2. Find the Druid
    1. Pursue the Marauders: Rightful +1
    2. Druid heals Sir Gareth: Old Faith +1
    3. Pay 1000 Gold for Sir Gareth: Sir Gareth joins
    4. Obtain information about Lady of the Lake: EXP +100
    • Total Maximum: Rightful +1, Old Faith +1, EXP +100, Sir Gareth joins
  3. Take custody of the wounded knight
    1. Torture Sir Gareth or threaten to kill his men: Tyrant +1
    2. Force Sir Gareth's men to join your army: -20% army moral, 28 Swordsmen
    3. Obtain information about Lady of the Lake: EXP +100
    • Total Maximum: Tyrant +1, -20% army moral, 28 Swordsmen, EXP +100

Seeds of WarEdit

There is an additional point in Rightful or Tyrant to be had, when you try to sneek in. Sooner or later you need a uniform:

  • Buying the uniform for 500 Gold gives +1 Rightful
  • Giving the servant more wine is the neutral choice.
  • Killing the servant gives you +1 Tyrant

When you speak to the prince, you can switch back and forth between the Wessex and Logres plot as often as you want.

  1. Reporting the prince nets you 300 EXP and +1 Rightful but will cancel the plot you chose. Instead you'll receive free passage for your armies through Wessex and Kent for 2 years. Finally:
    1. Pay 4000 Old for 2 Cavalry units.
    2. Pay nothing and be done with it.
    3. Ask Sir John to spare the people of the Old Faith for +1 Old Faith
  2. Accepting the plot will put it into motion
    1. Sneaking won't work and you'll eventually have to choose one of the other two options.
    2. You can talk to Sir John and try to persuade him to join the plot. You'll have to promise him to turn the province to christianity or you'll be forced to fight him (# 3). 400 EXP, +1 Christianity
    3. Fighting your way out, opens the door for some gold and Tyrant points:
      1. Gathering your men and leave is the neutral choice. 400 EXP
      2. Burning and looting gives 300 EXP, +5000 Gold, +1 Tyrant
      3. Burning, looting and killing witnesses gives 300 EXP, +5000 Gold, +2 Tyrant

Possible maximums for morality:

  • +2 Rightful, +1 Old Faith
  • +1 Rightful, +1 Christian
  • +3 Tyrant, +0 Old Faith
  • +1 Tyrant, +1 Christian

The HeirEdit

Investigating the signs only leads to bad things. So find the survivors and talk to them. On your way to the ranger your will encounter a group of Giants.

  1. If you surround them and offer to spare their lives you will receive 2 Giants into your army but lose 20 Morale.
  2. If you slaughter them you lose some men.
  3. If you ignore them, nothing happens.

When you find the camp there are three options for you:

  1. You want a point in Rightful. Your best course of action is:
    • Bargain with the the leader.
    • Ask for another way.
    • Accept the price of 1000 Gold and to help build the tower.
    • Do not sneak away.
    • Results in 650 EXP, -1000 Gold and +1 Rightful.
  2. You want a bit more experience. Then you need to do this:
    • Sneak in to get the prince.
    • Try to get the key from the guard (requires an Adventuring check - 3 ranks is insufficient). If you fail this check it defaults to battle with the giants' army.
    • Results in 750 EXP but nothing else.
  3. If you attack you'll receive 2000 Gold and 4000 Food.

The Cursed SwordEdit

Cleansing Faith (Christian path)Edit

When you reach the abbey you have three options:

  1. Charge the attackers immediately: +1 Rightful but 15% troop losses
  2. Surround them: 10% troop losses
  3. Wait until they fall at the wall & slay the young knight: +1 Tyrant and only 5% troop losses

When you captured the two knights you can:

  1. chain them as the neutral option
  2. torture or execute them for +1 Tyrant either way

When you approach Sir Ywain's castle choose to wait until nightfall, or your hero will become wounded. Once you reach the main hall most options lead to pretty much the same outcome with two exceptions: Both letting your men take down the knight and telling Sir Ywain that you killed his sons will prevent you from recruiting him later.

When you approach the conspirators you can go in different directions again:

  1. If you want the neutral route then simply attack, but this will inflict another 12% casualties.
  2. Negotiation leads to +1 Rightful and the following:
    1. If you spare their lives, you get another +1 Rightful
    2. If you demand their surrender, they refuse & the result is the same as if you had attacked from the start (+12% casualties, conspirators captured).
    3. If you demand 10,000 Gold and some scapegoats you get another +1 Tyrant and obviously a lot of gold.
  3. If you attack without taking prisoners, you get +1 Tyrant.

Finally at the trial of Sir Ywain you have more choices:

  1. Killing him as a worthy opponent gives: +1 Rightful
  2. Letting them hang him is the neutral option.
  3. As long as you didn't choose one of the two bad options in the castle (tyrant choices at all the other branches are fine!) you can ask the judge for mercy and Sir Ywain will accept it: +1 Rightful, Sir Ywain joins you.

Sir Ywain is a level 8 Sage, Morality: Old Faith 8.

Breaking the Curse (Old Faith path) Edit

The Druid will set three tasks for you: Remove a monastery which is under construction near his sacred grove; convince a master swordsmith to make a silver replica of the cursed blade; convince a Sidhe enchantress to help break the curse.

  1. Monastery: Can only be completed peacefully if you visit the swordsmith's village first! Your initial options are to ask why they are building here (they will tell you it's for local Christian refugees), demand they leave (they will refuse) and spy out the camp for an ambush (will enable ambushing them). If you ambush, you will win and may choose to:
    1. Spare their lives and send them home: +1 Rightful..
    2. Slaughter them all: +1 Tyrant.
  2. If you have not completed the monastery, you may ask the villagers about the monks building it. They will refer to Christian refugees hiding in the woods. Pursuing that leads to an old woman who knows their location. You can:
    1. Offer her 500 gold
    2. Offer her 500 food
    3. Threaten her with torture
  3. Once she reveals their location, you may either
    1. Offer your protection: +1 Rightful
    2. Kill some and take the rest prisoner: +1 Tyrant; 13% army losses at the monastery; +40 XP
  4. Now you can return to the monastery and negotiate the monks peaceful departure. Peaceful completion results in an additional reward from the druid.
  5. In the village, the swordsmith will request you either:
    1. Pay him 2000 gold.
    2. Distribute 2000 food among his village.
    3. Bring him dragon bones from the forest. Your choices will be:
      1. Wait until nightfall and break off a dragonbone (Adventuring test)
      2. Slay the giant (Fight test). (4 adventuring & 7 Fight on Sir Balan made both of those possible successes)
    4. You can also threaten the smith: he will complete a fake, destroying the cursed sword without giving you the Pendragon Sword.
  6. The enchantress will request that you either defeat her in a duel or leave some of your soldiers to serve as her slaves.
    1. Fight the duel:(Fight test, 7 Fight on Sir Balan is enough for a guaranteed win).
    2. Give her some soldiers: army takes 10% casualties; +1 Tyrant.
    3. Negotiate for another option and she will offer to allow the knight to serve her for two years instead: knight removed from the map for 8 turns; +1 Rightful; +1500 XP (!) Note that he will take the completed Sword of Pendragon with him; I'm told that he returns with additional spells, can't confirm personally.

Final rewards:

  • Sword of Pendragon (unless smith was threatened)
  • +1 Old Faith
  • +1 Rightful/+1 Tyrant from Monastery
  • Potential: +1 Rightful/+1 Tyrant from Enchantress
  • +100 XP (base)
  • +500 gold (if monks were ambushed)

Note: The druid expresses disapproval if you ambush the monks, and promises a reward after you have completed the path peacefully; however the reward is only granted if you ambushed the monastery. Furthermore, if you find the refugees & take them to the lead monk, then choose the "spy out their defences dialog option" rather than telling him you found the refugees, then release all your prisoners after the ambush, it is possible to get the Rightful boost twice. Both these things look like bugs.

The Envoys of King Cynric: Edit

(Diplomacy quest; Timed quest)

The quest appears to be contingent upon completing Seeds of War (above) via the Rightful path and obtaining 2 years right of passage through King Cynric's lands. After one year has passed, this quest will appear. It has a time limit of four seasons (completing the two year window of free passage). King Cynric only accepts gold as negotiation. For 4000 gold, he extends the right of passage by three years. For some absurd amount of gold (~30k) he will become King Arthur's vassal: you gain Wessex & Kent.

IIRC from my first attempt, not completing the quest within four seasons causes him to declare war on you.

Book of ConquestEdit

The Vision Edit

The Hermit: Edit

Fight test to avoid 1000 gold + wounded; possible Adventuring test (stealing the crystal ball)

Total rewards possible:

  • +1 Christian/+1 Old Faith (at chapel)
  • +1 Rightful (if Crystal Ball is returned)
  • 540 XP/840 if Crystal Ball is returned

Amulet of Sir MarrickEdit

Challenge quest that involves a difficult battle to gain said amulet.

  • +3000 hp
  • +2 Spell Weaving skill
  • +3 Fight
  • +1 Cleave

The Smiling Prince Edit

In the Wake of the Druids Edit

Entire quest line can be failed unless you can pass a Fight test! 3 is automatic failure, 5 is probably success.

  • Ring of

The Smiling Prince Edit

Ask the ranger about the Seelie to learn about the Trial of Knowledge, otherwise you must fight, retreat or ally.

If you offer an alliance to the Smiling Prince, his terms are a tribute of 100 children per year for a minimum of ten years and a maximum of one hundred. Accepting his terms:

  • +2 Old Faith
  • +1 Tyrant
  • Spear of Cuchulainn (+2 Fight; -30% cooldown)

Retreat your army:

  • 250 XP, quest line ends

Challenging him to the Trial of Knowledge:

  1. 1 success: retreat your army (see above)
  2. 2 successes: the children are freed.
  3. 3 successes: children are freed, and artifact gained.
  4. 0 successes: a tribute must be paid, as per the alliance above.

The 1st question is a logic puzzle; the 2nd & 3rd depend on your having bothered to learn about the Sidhe from the druid in Into the Wood, or you being well-versed in Irish Mythology.

Answers to questions:

  1. Diamond
  2. Tir na Nog
  3. Dana

3 successes results in:

  • 550 XP
  • Daylight Helmet - +2 Leadership; +2 Loyalty (possibly a random artifact?)
  • +1 Rightful
  • 20 Morale to army

Merlin Returns vs Wrath of CaradocEdit

These choice of direction quests are triggered when you have capture both Powys and Gloucester, possibly only if you opt for Powys as the first of your Strongholds.

As far as I can remember, I have always completed these captures with Avon Castle, so capturing that specific town may be what triggers the quest.

The Noble Sir PercivaleEdit

This is a Fight oriented quest, ie its dialogue requires a knight with good Fight skill for one option to be possible.

At the point that I did this, my knight with 8 Fight had the option in blue, meaning that he might succeed or might fail.

  • Accept Bedivere straight off => 157xp, Sir Bedivere
  • You Fight the creature but leave Sir Percival => 210 xp, + 1 Old Faith, Sir Bedivere (Warlord: Ty 5, OF 10: Abilities; 10, 4, 4, 5, 5: Crystal Sword: Sidhe Roads, Venomous Curse), Dragon Scepter (+1 magic, +2 magic after 10 battles, -30% cd after 20 battles)
  • Battle Sir Bedivere => Sir Percival (Sage: Ri 5, Ch 10: Abilities; 1, 2, 2, 8, 8: Deepwood Shield: Magical Balance, Ward)

Book of Round TableEdit

The Knights of the Round TableEdit

This quest appears to trigger automatically at the start of turn 101 with it's objective being to collect a total of 12 knights.

Alternately, I've had it trigger on turn 35. The timer appears to vary wildly.

Random QuestsEdit


A diplomacy quest with the notable feature of having the knight Sir Gal as a possible outcome in exchange for anything with a gold value of 14000.

His initial skills were not to my liking, being Enchant Armour and Enchant Weapons. However Blast was quite nice and he came with two artifacts.

Lady AnglidesEdit

King Arthur is Christian (a lie) => 62 xp, she joins court

King Arthur is Old Faith => she does not join the court

King Arthur's other qualities => 62 xp, she joins court

Lady PrydwynEdit

Give hime the money = -10k gold, Lady Prydwyn

Find her -> Surround them -> Lord's privilege = 120 xp, +1 Rightful, Lady Prydwyn

Find her -> Surround them -> Kill them = 120 xp, +1 Tyrany, Lady Prydwyn

Find her -> Attack = 60 xp, Lady Prydwyn

If her traits stay the same then she is a good wife for a liege of saxon kingdoms, giving +3 loyalty, +30% military

Lady SebilleEdit

Accept her without condition => 104 xp, Lady Sebille

Demand a dowry and threaten => 52 xp, +1 Tyrant

The Cursed FamilyEdit

Use arcane power adds +120xp to all other options.

Go alone -> greetings -> someone cursed -> break curse = 155xp, Lady Viviane

Go alone -> greetings -> someone cursed -> deserved it = +1 Old Faith

Go alone -> greetings -> threaten her -> remove curse -> believe her = 155xp, +1 Rightful, Lady Viviane

Go alone -> greetings -> threaten her -> remove curse -> kill her = 155xp, +1 Tyrant, Lady Viviane

Go alone -> greetings -> threaten her -> kill her = +1 Tyrant, Lady Viviane

Go alone -> attack = 155 xp, +1 Tyrant, Lady Viviane

The Lady PenrirEdit

Duel -> Fight = 160 xp, +1 Rightful, Lady Penrir, Mournblade (+2 Fight, -30% attack rate to hero's unit) If you will win the fight then the option is in green. 5 Fight is too low. Above 6 works

Duel -> Ambush = 2500 gold, +1 Tyrany, Lady Penrir, Mournblade

I negotiate alone -> Ransom = -7000 gold, Mournblade

I negotiate alone -> Trap = 210 xp, +1 Tyrant, Mournblade, Lady Penrir With 6 adventuring the quest option is in blue and success or failure is random.

Attack him and men = 3900 xp across army from Auto Battle, Lady Penrir (you keep her), Rangers Cloak (+2 Master of Deepwood Skill). The artifact will be random though.

The Old Knight (trade)Edit

10000 food/gold for Ring of the Lost Kings (1 of 3?): +10% magic resistance (2 fight, 3 magic with whole set)