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Knights are the executors of your will in Britannia. They lead armies, fight battles, negotiate in your name, fulfill important quests, wield artifacts, manage fiefdoms, court ladies... it is essential to know how to guide them to victory and glory. They have personal attributes, skills and traits, which determine their specialization and can be increased/added at level-up to enhance their roles.

Do note that "Knights" is also a unit class in-game, which are heavy cavalry.

Class Edit

All knights fall into one of three classes: Warlord, Champion or Sage. The Knight's class dictates which skills he may possess, and strongly suggests how he should be used in the game. A Knight's class cannot be changed.

Warlord: Edit

This class focuses on improving your soldiers fighting ability with buff spells or army-wide passive improvements. Since they are the class with the most army-wide skills and thus will generally be leading your armies, Adventuring is their most important ability score. Their skills tend to fall into either a) tactical buffs, e.g. Masterful Tactics; b) Army-wide buffs: to campaign map movement, morale, loot, etc; c) realm buffs, e.g. tax & loyalty boosts to owned provinces.

Champion: Edit

This class focuses on melee combat, possessing powerful offensive passive abilities and melee spells. Since they will typically be leading heavy units in the thick of the fighting, Fight is their most important ability score. There are two main types of champions you come across: 'cleaver' (eg. Sir Balan) who specialises in butchering entire regiments in matter of seconds with Cleave triangle maxed and 'guardian' (eg. King Mark) who can make a squad of elite troops (eg. 'golden shields') temporary invulnerable with Guardian Angel and Protection from Magic.

Sage: Edit

This class focuses on spells and can inflict immense damage in a short time and at a large distance. Since their value derives from their spells, with few passive abilities, Magic is their most important ability score. ; artifacts that grant a combat mana regeneration are a great boons for sages. Main types for them are 'heavy bolter' for obliterating enemy (and own if caught in blast) elite troops with maxed lightning bolt and 'weather sage' who uses combination of any weather spell and 'dragon eye' to give his archer hordes a leisure time for free target practice at enemies slowed by 'hold' and 'poison cloud'. Some sages possess an innate 'sidhe footpath' and 'whirling pool' spells, teleport and mass teleport respectively (can also be granted by some artefacts) which allow powerful tactics such as capturing locations behind frontlines or dropping heavy infantry on top of unsuspecting archers.

Traits Edit

Main article: Traits

All knights (and ladies) possess one or more traits, viewable on their primary tab through their army or the Round Table screen. Traits can be either positive (Plus) or negative (Minus), weakly or strongly so. They are typically very important for governing fiefdoms, sometimes having an effect on armies as well. Traits cannot be added or removed. However, a male Knight can take a lady as his wife, and the wife's traits will be "added" to him.

Alignment Edit

Just like their liege, knights can have alignments. When doing quests, any alignment changes will affect the knight who did the quest (along with the liege, of course). Alignments affect the loyalty of the Knight; a knight who is alignment-wise the polar opposite of the liege (e.g. Old Faith/Tyrant vs Christian/Rightful) is going to be disloyal. As an army leader, a Knight's alignment also affects the morale of Aligned units in the army.

It is possible to shift your knights' alignment by constructing certain buildings in the Stronghold.

Ability Scores Edit

All knights possess five ability scores. They appear to have a default score of 1 in each ability at level 1. Upon leveling up, a knight will gain 1 ability point which can be assigned to any ability. It is also possible to improve your knights' abilities through completing certain quests or constructing certain buildings in the Stronghold.

  • Leadership: decreases army maintenance by 2% per point.
  • Reign: improves tax income from fiefs assigned to this knight by 3% per point.
  • Adventuring: improves army movement points by 5% per point; increases Quest XP by 5% per point. Also improves chances of success in quests which include Adventuring tests.
  • Fight: Increases HP & damage for the knight and his unit by 5% per point. Also improves chances of success in quests which include Fight tests..
  • Magic: increases mana pool by 5% per point. Also improves chances of success in magic-related quests.

The first two attributes are to be situationally improved with artefacts and generally ignored at level-up as no small amount of extra income shall compensate for poor strategizing and sacrifice of battlefield power.

But bear in mind that you do need gold and food to finance your armies; fewer resources mean smaller armies. At times, you almost certainly need more than two active armies.

Skills Edit

Main article: Skills

Skills are where individual knights become distinct. They are divided into two categories:

  • Class skills - specific skills for each class.
  • General skills - skills that are available to all knights, including skills that can be unlocked.

There are also three different types of skills:

  • Active skills - also known as spells, only taking effect when you've cast them.
  • Passive skills - affect either the hero, his unit or his entire army on the battlefield.
  • Campaign skills - only have effect on the campaign map, instead of during battle.

All skills have four levels; leveling up that skill will improve its effects in a set way. All knights join the Knights of the Round Table with certain skills already unlocked. Upon leveling up, a knight gains one skill point which may immediately be assigned to one of his current skills or used to acquire level one in a new skill which he is qualified for.

List of Knights Edit

Below you will find a list of knights willing to join the Knights of the Round Table, if the circumstances are right. There's an objective where your Knights will receive +2 Ability and +2 Skill points once you have gathered 12 Knights.

Knight Class Traits Unlock
Sir Kay Warlord Minus Arrogant Briton, Plus Ferocious, Plus Stern Start
King Mark Champion Plus Precise, Minus Benevolent Help King Mark
Sir Gareth Sage Plus Proud Britons, Minus Corrupted, Plus Braveheart Lady of the Lake
Sir Balan Champion Plus Glorious Leader, Plus Just Two Brothers
Sir Balin Champion Minus Malevolent, Minus Mercenary, Plus Relentless Two Brothers
Sir Ywain Sage Plus Old Faith Devotee, Plus Precise, Minus Zealot Christian Cleansing Faith
Sir Alymere Champion Minus Reckless, Plus Shrewd, Minus Corrupted, Plus Braveheart Conquer London, Conquer ...
Sir Lucan Warlord Plus Thrifty, Plus Ferocious, Plus Proud Leader Conquer London, Conquer ...
Sir Dagonet Sage Plus Cunning, Plus Otherworldly, Minus Gatherer Sir Dagonet
Lady Fiona Sage Plus Relentless, Plus Witchery, Minus Zealot Old Faith
Prince Brandelis Warlord Plus Faithful Christian, Minus Spender, Minus Vain
Sir Bedivere Warlord Plus Glorious Leader, Minus Leader of the Sidhe, Plus Relentless
Sir Bors Champion Minus Gatherer, Plus Healer, Plus Just, Plus Sidhe
Sir Caradoc Champion Plus Glorious Leader, Minus Lust for Power, Plus Bloody, Plus Warg Blooded
Sir Lancelot Champion Plus Braveheart, Plus Exemplary, Plus Just, Plus Lord of the War
Sir Percivale Sage Plus Healer, Plus Dutiful, Plus Cunning, Plus Braveheart
Sir Mordred Champion Minus Bloodthirsty, Plus Bloody, Minus Devilish, Minus Vain
Merlin Sage Minus Gatherer, Plus Sidhe, Plus Wise, Minus Zealot Old Faith
Sir Gal Champion Minus Greedy, Plus Martial, Plus Stern, Plus Thrifty
Sir Damas Sage Plus Chirurgeon, Plus Just, Plus Old Faith Devotee, Plus Sidhe
Green Knight Sage Plus Elemental Power, Plus Just, Minus Leader of the Sidhe, Plus Otherworldly
Sir Gawain Champion Plus Lord of the War, Plus Rapacious, Minus Sadist
Yismyll Sage Minus Flirtatious, Minus Gatherer, Plus Sidhe, Plus Witchery
Sir Tristan Champion Plus Glorious Leader, Plus Precise, Plus Relentless, Plus Proud Leader


In The Saxons and The Druids DLCs, the Diplomacy screen has a section where you can send gifts to Knights in the service of other kings (or to hedge Knights who have no liege), eventually convincing them to join you.

Also, the army leader now requires at least 10 Leadership to have two heroes in the same army, 15 for three, and 20 for four.