Portrait King Mark
King Mark is the rightful King of Dumonia and the second recruitable Knight for King Arthur's Round Table. King Mark will join Arthur's Round Table after you defeat Sir Glais, King Idres' Knight in the quest "Help King Mark." King Mark is a Rightful Knight and less of an Ideal choice for a Tyrant player.

Seeing as he is a King it is likely that King Mark was present when Arthur pulled the sword from the stone.

Class/Level: Champion 4


  • Precise (owned provinces +1.5 food growth, +3 Health)
  • Benevolent (owned provinces +20% recruitment cost)

Ability Scores:

  • Leadership 2
  • Reign 1
  • Adventuring 3
  • Fight 6
  • Magic 2

Alignment: Rightful 13, Christian 6

Skills (initial):

  • Dragon Strike 1
  • Guardian Angel 1
  • Armour of Faith 1

Skills (learnable):

  • Breathstealer
  • Healing
  • Invisible Shield
  • Reveal Life
  • Sound of Courage

Artifacts: Golden Helm (On unit, +1 HP/sec)

Usage & Strategy: Edit

King Mark is an interesting Champion, since his personal Dragon Strike skill is similar to Cleave but has a fixed effect and range. Since it doesn't appear to be affected by his Fight score, it seems to be stronger than Cleave in the early game and should be maxed immediately, followed by Guardian Angel. This combination allows for devastating cavalry charges while taking little to no harm on his unit.

After Dragon Strike is maxed and Guardian Angel raised to a satisfactory level, the passive buffs of Enchanted Equipment and Armour of Faith are worth getting. Cleave should be avoided, since it essentially duplicates Dragon Strike. Invisible Shield is always worth a look as one of the few counters to enemy archers. Breathstealer offers a rare self-healing option, definitely worth considering on a high-damage melee hero like King Mark.

His Precise trait makes him a decent ruler, but he should not be reigning in fiefdoms where you anticipate recruitment, due to the crippling penalty from Benevolent.