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King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame is a real-time strategy, grand strategy, and role-playing game released by Neocore Games in 2009. The storyline itself follows the story of King Arthur's conquest of Britannia, and his struggle to control the throne in the face of rebellions and the mythical power unleashed by the sword Excalibur.

Gameplay revolves around a central campaign, the actions of which are decided in a grand strategy format; when individual battles are fought, the gameplay switches modes to a more traditional real-time strategy game. At the end of battles, quests, and other objectives, units controlled by the player can "level up" to create a unique and enjoyable role-playing experience.

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King Arthur - The Roleplaying Wargame is an encyclopedia about the strategy game released by Neocore in 2009. Wiki format allows anyone to create and edit any article, so in case you are the one who knows best, feel free to make changes :)

Purpose of this fan-made wiki-based webpage is to enhance the communication between players about strategy (map & locations), tactics (battlefield activity) and overall features and hints.

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