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There are eight different alignments the player can choose from as the campaign develops. However, it should be noted that alignments are constantly developing as a result of player actions; you're never locked into one choice: you are only as invested into one alignment as determined by your previous actions. The eight facets of the alignment compass are:
  • Rightful
  • Rightful/Christian
  • Christian
  • Tyrant/Christian
  • Tyrant
  • Tyrant/Old Faith
  • Old Faith
  • Rightful/Old Faith

According to your alignment, you may benefit from the following:

  1. Passive bonuses and Army Actions (General tab)
  2. Spells for Knights
  3. Aligned units

Changing Alignment Edit

As you play, you come to face different quests, battles, talks and diplomacy. Your decisions during these events affect how the people look at you. Your public image is visualized on a plane; on the horizontal axis, you can see the attitude of worshippers of two main religions in Britannia - Christianity and the Old Faith - think of you, whereas on the vertical axis, you see the history of how you treated your serfs and solved kingdom-management problems. You can either be the rightful king, or prefer tyranny as the right way to progress. The relationship is reciprocal: your gameplay affects your image, but your image will also greatly impact your gameplay. Note that the Knight you assigned to complete quests will have the changes in Morality happen to him/her as well.

There are also boroughs in Strongholds which you can construct to change your alignment. Maximum changes from boroughs and districts per Stronghold are +2 Rightful/Tyrant to player and all heroes, +1 Christian/Old Faith to player, and +2 Christian/Old Faith to all heroes.

You can also pass the appropriate law to gain +1 Christian/Old Faith for as long as the law is in effect. Note that such laws will also convert your provinces (rate is +1 Christian/Old Faith per year), but they decrease Loyalty of provinces which have the opposite religion (rate is -1 Loyalty per year).

Your knights are usually a colourful bunch and have their own alignment. Some of your companions will not so easily accept your way of thinking!


There are quite a few spells that are granted to you depending on your attitude to religion - if you are an Old Faith supporter, you'll eventually have a handful of natural disasters spells, whereas supporting Christianity enables you to use spells provided by the Almighty - Sanctuary, Heavenly Sword...

There are no spells which are solely dependent on Rightful/Tyrant morality.

Certain spells can only be cast by a specific Knight class. Also, like spells obtained via research, your Knights have to spend skill points in order to use the spells obtained via alignments.

The alignment-dependent spells are:

  • Rightful/Christian: Mass Healing, Bonds of Magic
  • Christian: Sanctuary (Warlord), Blast (Champion), Heavenly Sword, Celestial Radiance (Sage)
  • Tyrant/Christian: Flamewall, Burning Magic
  • Tyrant/Old Faith: Nightfall, Crystal Shards (Sage)
  • Old Faith: Venomous Curse, Sidhe Roads, Shifting Pool (Sage)
  • Rightful/Old Faith: Aura of the Sidhe (Warlord), Lightning Bolt (Sage)


Being a rightful ruler enables you to take kingdom-management-friendly actions, whereas a tyrant-friendly leader gains access to dirty wartime practices.

Apart from Army Actions, benefits from alignment in this tab are all passive.The passive benefits are:

  • Rightful: Farmlands (+1 provincial Food Productivity), Organized Reserves (-10% unit upkeep), Advanced Theories (+10 Research points/ season for Camelot), Prosperity (+10% Gold income)
  • Rightful/Christian: Holy War, Clerical Healers (+2 provincial Health), Art of Governing (+1 Reign all heroes)
  • Christian: Warm Quarters (+10% army morale every Winter), Family Blessing (+0.5% provincial Population growth)
  • Tyrant/Christian: Fighting Spirit (+10% provincial Military), Roman Architects (-20% Building time and cost in Strongholds)
  • Tyrant: Corpse Robbing (+50% Gold and Food from loot after battles), Brutality (+1 Fight all heroes)
  • Tyrant/Old Faith: Elite Troops (+10% experience gain - all units), Knowledge of the Lost (-30% Advancement Gold and Food cost)
  • Old Faith: Weather Magic (+1 provincial Food Productivity), Sidhe Meditation (+10% Mana all heroes)
  • Rightful/Old Faith: Leadership (+1 Leadership all heroes), Ancient Wisdom (+10% experience gain - all heroes), Keeping Together (+2 provincial Loyalty)

Army Actions are solely dependent on Rightful/Tyrant morality. They are:

  • Rightful: Furlough, Drilling
  • Tyrant: Looting, Enforced Recruitment


Gaining access to special units is also one outcome of your alignment. Being an Old Faith supporter enables you to make friends with the elder race of Seelie and/or Unseelie, while Christianity lets you call to service various zealots and armed defenders of faith. Rightfulness attracts armored noble soldiers to your side, while Tyranny calls for using raiders, marauders and other brawlers.

Note that many Aligned units require both Tyrant/Rightful and Old Faith/Christian moralities before they can be recruited, e.g. Royal Guards.


In "The Saxons" and "The Druids" DLCs, it can be difficult for the player to change alignment due to a lack of scripted events. Certain disasters have resolution methods which change alignment, paradoxically making them useful.

The increased number of Strongholds also make changing alignment via boroughs and districts more attractive.